University of Pittsburgh (TU Consortium)

Emphysema/COPD Research Center (ECRC) occupies approximately 1850 square feet in the Kaufmann Building.

University of Pittsburgh Emphysema/COPD Research Center Kaufmann Medical Building
3471 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1211
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial or learning more about the clinical trials at this center, please contact:

Rhonda Lincoln
(412) 802-8572
[email protected]

Emphysema/COPD Research Center (ECRC) occupies approximately 1850 square feet in the Kaufmann Building. This facility consists of 10 rooms providing space for pulmonary function (3 body plethysmographs), cardiopulmonary exercise, and lung mechanics testing, a centrifuge and 2 freezers (-20oC and -80oC), and office space for 4 coordinators, 2 patient exam rooms, data coordinator, 2 physicians, and a reception/administrative assistant. There is also a secured file storage area, a patient waiting area, 2 rest rooms, gas cylinder storage and a small equipment storage area. Four coordinator cubicles occupy approximately 250 square feet, and a room of 80 square feet is utilized as a data coordinator area, which contains study-issued computer systems for secure, internet-based data entry. A nearby 110 foot access hallway is available for 6-minute walk and both incremental and endurance shuttle walk testing. The ECRC has participated in over 50 lung disease related clinical trials and cohort studies, both NIH and industry networks as well as investigator initiated projects including leadership in many of these trials as well as the Pulmonary Trials Cooperative.

The Asthma Institute directed by Dr. Sally Wenzel is in a separate facility in an adjacent building and has collaborated with the ECRC on multiple projects. They have performed over 50 clinical trial and cohort studies related to asthma. They will assist in recruiting for any asthma specific clinical trials.

Principal Investigator

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
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Freedom From Smoking Clinic
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