Clean Air

We champion healthy air for all to breathe.

State of the Air

For more than 20 years, our annual "State of the Air" report has provided a trusted, local report card on air quality across the country. How clean is the air in your community?

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Share Your Story

Has air pollution impacted your health or the health of someone in your family? Share your story and help us highlight how important it is to have clean air to breathe.

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Healthy Air Campaign

With your help, we advocate for strong protections that ensure clean, healthy air for all to breathe. You can make a difference.

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Clean air is essential for healthy lungs. The American Lung Association works to ensure that the air we breathe is clean and safe from harmful pollution. Learn more about how polluted air can make you sick and what we can do to improve air quality for everyone.

Better Breather Club | Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital
Nassawadox, VA | Mar 26, 2020
Better Breather Club | Riverside Tappahannock Hospital
Tappahannock, VA | Mar 26, 2020