State of Lung Cancer

States must do more to protect their residents from lung cancer.

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How does your state compare?

The American Lung Association’s State of Lung Cancer report shows the toll lung cancer takes on each state in the country. Examining rates of new cases, survival, early diagnosis, surgical treatment, lack of treatment, and screening, this report indicates that states must do more to protect their residents from lung cancer. For the third consecutive year, the “State of Lung Cancer” report explores the lung cancer burden among racial and ethnic groups at the national and state levels.

State Data

Understand how the toll of lung cancer in your state compares nationwide and learn about opportunities to address this deadly disease.
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Key Findings

An overview of the "State of Lung Cancer" report, including important findings and overall trends.
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Racial and Ethnic Disparities

A summary of lung cancer disparities by racial and ethnic group.
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Shared Stories

Sharing your story encourages greater awareness and empowers those at high risk to speak to their doctor about screening options, so that we can catch the disease early, when more treatment options are available. Read the stories they have shared or share your own.

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Eva Marie F.

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Frank F.

I made a promise with my daughter that if I quit smoking she would stop biting her nails. A few years later, I quit. I…  READ MORE

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Pamela B.

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Methodology and Sources

How the data is compiled and compared to show how lung cancer burden varies from state to state, and an overview of sources.


For the Media

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