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Quitting isn't easy—but it's easier with the right help. The Freedom From Smoking program gives you options, resources and support to quit for good!

It's All About Your Quit Journey

The American Lung Association has been helping people quit smoking for over 40 years and has helped one million people quit for good. Freedom From Smoking® is ranked one of the most effective cessation programs in the country, as it is available in a variety of formats and includes a comprehensive variety of evidence-based, proven-effective cessation techniques. Freedom From Smoking® can help you quit all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and vaping devices. 

We help you develop a personalized plan of action to prepare you for your quit day and offer the support you need to remain tobacco-free for life!


Gain a deeper understanding of tobacco use dependency, and identify your unique patterns and routines.


Address the physical, mental, and social factors associated with quitting all tobacco products.

Long-Term Success

Learn stress management, relapse prevention, how to self-monitor, and maintain motivation.

Our Program Options

Group Program

Join a small group and get support from others who are also on their quit journey.

Online Program

Control of your quit journey with our self-paced format with live phone and chat support.

Self-Help Guide

Quit at your own pace with our self-guided workbook.

Freedom of Choice

Compare options that will best suit your lifestyle, schedule, and preferences. Take control of your health and make the first step toward your healthier future!

Additional Support

Lung HelpLine

Our Lung Helpline is staffed with friendly respiratory therapists and certified tobacco treatment specialists who are ready to answer any questions you have
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Quit Now!

Chat and connect with other quitters who understand what you are going through on our online community.
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Our community toolkits, youth cessation resources, and public health roadmaps provide comprehensive support for quitting tobacco.
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quotation marks George G.

George G.

I tried to quit more than a dozen times but was completely addicted. After my son was born, I knew I had to stop for good. I successfully quit through Freedom From Smoking and a year later got certified as a Facilitator. Now I help others quit.

quotation marks Jack H.

Jack H.

My personal journey was to have lifestyle changes—to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time. Since my Freedom From Smoking quit date, I have lost 80 pounds and hiked 3,500 miles. The difference in my physical and mental health is tremendous.

quotation marks Mark P.

Mark P.

I smoked for over 35 years and here I am, 2.5 years smokefree and hopefully many more to come! I feel so much better, I breathe better, and my blood pressure is the best it's been in over 30 years. I'm so glad I gave Freedom From Smoking a shot.

quotation marks Lisa G.

Lisa G.

I’m glad I never gave up trying to quit. Change takes time and practice. Smoking cessation programs work. Not only is the smoker given tools to succeed but by engaging with others who are trying to achieve the same goal they build a support system.

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