The Lung Association’s advocacy and public policy work on air pollution and climate change fights for clean air indoors and out and a safe climate that doesn’t harm lung health. Within that work, the Healthy Air Campaign focuses on federal policies to address outdoor air pollution and climate change.

Clean outdoor air and a safe climate are critical for healthy lungs. The nation has made amazing progress cleaning up harmful air pollution, but too many communities are still waiting for clean air. The American Lung Association’s Healthy Air Campaign advocates for strong federal laws and policies to slash air pollution and address climate change. We push for tighter limits on pollution, cleaner cars and trucks, more energy efficiency, electricity that’s clean and renewable, and more. Our advocacy helps everyone lead healthier lives.

Leveraging decades of leadership and expertise in securing strong clean air standards, we advocate to policymakers in support of clean air and climate action. Like all our work at the American Lung Association, we base our healthy air advocacy in science. We call on decision-makers to set science-based limits on air pollution and work to cut carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases that cause climate change. We pair research with personal stories to put a human face on the impacts of unhealthy air. And we unite patients, health professionals and health organizations in the charge.

We mobilize volunteers from across the country to meet with their lawmakers and to testify before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We release trusted reports and earn widespread media coverage. We conduct public opinion polls that track voters’ support of clean air protections. We launch ads like our hard-hitting Red Carriage series to drive change. And when we need to, we take our fight for healthy air to court. 

The Lung Association’s Healthy Air Campaign leads a coalition of national public health, medical, nursing and health care organizations in our healthy air advocacy efforts. We are united in our calls for action on air pollution and climate change. 

The Healthy Air Campaign’s advocacy priorities are based on the Lung Association’s science-based, board-approved Public Policy Positions and Public Policy Agenda. Learn more about what we advocate for.

Page last updated: June 7, 2024

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