Your voice is powerful. That's why it's vital to speak up and speak out. Whether you are writing a letter to your local newspaper, meeting with policymakers and influencers, or taking action online, being a strong advocate for improving lung health and preventing lung disease means spreading the word and encouraging others to join the fight. If you haven't already, join our Lung Action Network to be in the know about current initiatives and action items. Then check out these tips to keep up your momentum. 

Tell Your Story

The most impactful tool you have is your story. Plain and simple. Talking about your experience candidly helps people identify with the issue—it can show how lung disease affects real people and families. You can educate decision makers, inspire other advocates to share their own experiences and even encourage people in your community to get involved.

What you can do:

Contact Your Elected Officials

It's important to communicate with your elected officials about issues that are important to you, your loved ones and your community. Federal, state and local governments play an integral role in the research funding, treatment and access to care that impact people with lung disease, as well as the policies that clean up the air we breathe and reduce tobacco use among youth.

What you can do:

  • Reach out to your elected officials through the Lung Action Network to show your support for issues that impact lung health
  • Ask questions about lung health issues at events or town halls your local, state or federal elected officials hold
  • Call your local, state or federal representatives and senators
    • For U.S. representatives and senators, call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-234-3121 to be connected to your members of Congress.
  • You can find your U.S. senators and representative by using this tool

Be a Digital Advocate

Are you active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media? Get social and share why you're an advocate for lung health. Share with us what you're doing on social media to help raise awareness of lung health and healthy air. And be sure to posts your pics with hashtags about lung health! Here are some of the hashtags we use regularly:

  • #Asthma
  • #COPD
  • #LungCancer
  • #CleanAir4Kids
  • #MakeTobaccoHistory
  • #lungs
  • #lunghealth
  • #quitsmoking
  • #airpollution
  • #FightForAirClimb

Page last updated: November 7, 2023

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