The American Lung Association National Office was funded under Part B of the National Dissemination and Support Initiative of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Community Transformation Grants (CTG) Program. This funding was intended to mobilize national networks to increase the reach of the CTG program and spread CTG strategies. With our "Expanding Smokefree Communities" project, the American Lung Association promoted tobacco-free living in communities across the country. Throughout the project, we took into consideration the core principles of the CTG program:

  1. Maximizing Health Impact through Prevention
  2. Advancing Health Equity
  3. Using and Expanding the Evidence Base

To learn more about each sub-recipient's project, view their community video, success stories and profiles below:

Community Video Stories

Smoking in multi-unit housing poses serious health threats to children and adults even if no one smokes in their home. In multi-unit housing like apartment buildings and condominiums, secondhand smoke from one unit can move into other units. Smoking in multi-unit housing can also lead to fires, which can have deadly consequences. The videos below feature stories from residents, firemen, and public health advocates who have worked to make multi-unit housing properties smokefree.

Community Success Stories

Community Profiles

About the Expanding Smokefree Communities CTG Program

Funded by the Affordable Care Act's Prevention and Public Health Fund, the CTG Acceleration Grant funds were awarded through a competitive agreement process to three national networks (the American Lung Association, National REACH Coalition and YMCA of the USA) to support sub-awardees to engage and collaborate with other sectors to advance the goals of the CTG program nationally; disseminate CTG strategies within their national networks; and amplify and accelerate the spread and reach of the CTG program by providing small amounts of funding to local affiliates to assess the health of communities and act upon local health priorities. To learn more, please visit

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