Federal Priorities for the 118th Congress

Federal legislative and regulatory opportunities to advance lung health.

The American Lung Association's Federal Priorities for the 118th Congress identifies specific major federal legislative and regulatory steps to take to defend and advance the interests of public health and the 34 million Americans living with lung disease. The Federal Priorities for the 118th Congress is based on the Lung Association's Public Policy Positions and follows our priorities laid out in our Public Policy Agenda.

Previous years brought many challenges—a fast moving respiratory disease—COVID-19 that sparked a global pandemic at a time when healthcare protections were being undermined, record-breaking extreme weather events across the country, and a nationwide reckoning with the persistent racism that affects the lives and livelihood of people of color. With these challenges as the backdrop, there is a great need to advocate for better lung health policies.

Page last updated: June 7, 2024

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