Strategies for Addressing Asthma

Most people with asthma should be able to control their disease with proper care. When healthcare providers—including health professionals, asthma educators or patient advocates—deliver asthma care based on the evidence-based asthma guidelines, patients can experience better health outcomes and quality of life. Below are priority messages along with tips and resources to help provide guidelines-based asthma care and education.

Remember. You can be active and healthy with asthma and do all the things that you want to do. Don't let asthma hold you back. Talk to your doctor about taking control of your asthma today.

Below are six steps along with tips and resources to improve your asthma control:

  1. Visit your healthcare provider every 6-12 months or more often if you have symptoms.Asthma can come and go throughout the year or over your lifetime. See your doctor regularly to talk about your asthma and adjust your treatment if needed.
  2. Use a written asthma action plan to know the steps to prevent symptoms and to respond during an asthma episode.
    • Download an asthma action plan (available in English and Spanish) to bring to your next appointment.
    • Take Asthma Basics to learn more about your asthma and to understand the importance of an asthma action plan.
  3. Take your asthma medicines as directed. Most people with asthma need one or more medicines to help control their disease. Work with your doctor, pharmacist, or asthma educator to make sure you are using the medication the right way.
  4. Tell your healthcare provider what makes your symptoms worse.Know your asthma triggers and learn how to manage them.
  5. Learn about creating healthy environments where you live, work, go to school and play.
  6. Monitor your asthma daily and treat symptoms quickly.Know your early warning signs of an asthma episode.

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Page last updated: October 23, 2020

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