Asthma Health Professionals & Educators

Whether you are a healthcare professional, asthma educator or patient advocate, it is important to stay informed about asthma care, resources and support options.

Providing Guidelines-Based Asthma Care and Education

The American Lung Association develops and provides key resources to inform asthma policy, provide asthma self-management education programs and quality improvement initiatives that are founded on evidence-based guidelines and practices.

Frameworks for Schools & Communities

  • Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative
    The Asthma Friendly Schools Initiative provides resources to help local communities plan and implement asthma management programs within existing school structures.
  • Improve Asthma Management in Schools
    Asthma management in schools requires a comprehensive approach that includes improving indoor air quality and improving a student's access to asthma medicine throughout the school day.

Self-Management Programs

These programs are taught by American Lung Association-trained facilitators to help children, teens and adults better manage their asthma. 

  • Breathe Well, Live Well
    Breathe Well, Live Well is the American Lung Association's adult asthma self-management curriculum that teaches adults to take control of their asthma so they can be active and healthy.
  • Kickin' Asthma
    Learn more about bringing this asthma management program for teens to your community.
  • Open Airways for Schools
    Find out more about this empowering asthma self-management program for elementary school children that offers education in a fun, interactive group environment.

Helping High-Burden Populations

Professional Education

Education, training and certification resources for lung health professionals.

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