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Join a Fight For Air Climb with American Ninja Warrior Najee Richardson

Najee Richardson

I'm American Ninja Warrior Najee Richardson, also known as "The Flying Phoenix," and I've struggled with asthma my entire life.

Born prematurely with breathing problems, doctors didn't think I would make it, but I proved them wrong and am now stronger than ever. I bring that same spirit to the American Lung Association as the 2019 National Fight For Air Climb Ambassador.

I grew up in Philadelphia and as a kid, got involved in gymnastics. I spent most of my childhood and early adulthood training to be an Olympian. Even though I had asthma, I didn’t let that stop me from pursuing my dreams.

When I was 21, my gymnastics career suddenly came to an end when I was seriously injured. I struggled, but was determined to find my way. When I discovered American Ninja Warrior, I felt like I had purpose again. The action-packed series follows competitors as they tackle challenging obstacle courses and ultimately compete for a cash prize. Much like the legend of the Phoenix, which symbolizes rebirth and recreation, my spirit was reborn and I was once again flying high.

Najee Richardson climbing stairs

I look forward to joining the Fight For Air Climb with you! I'm already practicing in my hometown of Philadelphia.

Najee Richardson with a group of kids

I encourage everyone, with and without asthma, to never give up. If I can do it – so can you!

During the finals of American Ninja Warrior in 2018, I struggled with breathing and it had an impact on me. Shortly afterward, I partnered with the Lung Association to help raise awareness of asthma at the Fight For Air Climbs. And you don't have to be in Ninja shape to Climb – if you can walk a mile, you can Climb!

Today, I’m spreading my wings even more, helping to raise awareness of the Climb and mission of the American Lung Association, while encouraging everyone, with and without asthma, to never give up.

Join me in raising funds to support the lifesaving mission of the American Lung Association.

Be a member of one of my teams in the following cities (or create your own). If you can't be there, join my virtual team ( All of my team members will receive exclusive training tips and messages from me to help prepare you for the Climb and access to my training playlist. For team members that raise more than $500 for the American Lung Association, you will receive a Flying Phoenix Team Shirt.

March 3   Denver, CO
March 10   Chicago, IL
March 30   Philadelphia, PA
April 6   New York City, NY

Watch Exclusive Training Videos and Tips

Najee Richardson opens up about his lifelong struggle with asthma, and why he's signed on with the American Lung Association as our National Fight for Air Climb Ambassador.

As an American Ninja Warrior, personal trainer and someone who has asthma, our Fight For Air Climb Ambassador Najee Richardson knows firsthand how physical activity can be challenging for some Climbers. Check out his tips for preparing for the Climb if you have asthma.

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