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Rick H., OH

We have a redevelopment project going on very near our home on the west side of Cleveland, OH. While the opportunity exists for the property owner to take climate-friendly and environmentally-responsible actions with the property, little is being done.

The city's Cleveland Climate Action Plan (CCAP) provides numerous Actions that might be taken, but cost-benefit analysis always overcomes health-benefit cost analysis. The city is generally ignoring the CCAP in approving development and redevelopment projects. 

While we live in a fairly prosperous city neighborhood, the east end of our Ward, is caught between two major interstates, each just a mile north and south of us. The main glide path to our Hopkins International Airport crosses the neighborhood from the northeast to southwest and it contains one of the most-trafficked intersection in the entire city. How can we acquire relevant air-quality information to support mitigation measures in our neighborhood?

First Published: October 26, 2021

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