I am interested in learning more about pulmonary fibrosis.

Whether you are worried you have pulmonary fibrosis, know someone who has been diagnosed or have a general interest in learning more, you may be asking yourself, what do I need to know?

Step 1:

Familiarize yourself with pulmonary fibrosis symptoms. Patients with pulmonary fibrosis usually have a dry hacking cough and breathlessness.

Step 2:

Understand what causes pulmonary fibrosis. The most common kind of pulmonary fibrosis is idiopathic, meaning there is no known cause. But if someone has been exposed to hazardous chemicals, has a smoking history or has a family history of PF, it is important they talk to their doctor about their risk.

Step 3:

Learn how pulmonary fibrosis is diagnosed. Diagnosis usually involves a variety of tests, but the gold standard to confirm diagnosis is a high-resolution CT scan.

Step 4:

If you have an interest in pulmonary fibrosis there are many ways you can get involved with the Lung Association, including volunteering and advocating for PF patients.

For more information, visit the introduction to pulmonary fibrosis section.

Page last updated: November 17, 2022

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