Creating Asthma Friendly Environments

After you've learned about your asthma and are taking the right steps to better manage the disease, make sure the places that you visit most often do not increase the chances of an asthma emergency. Find out what you, your family and your coworkers can do to create asthma-friendly environments.

Asthma at Home

Your home should be a safe place, but for people with asthma, it can have many hidden dangers that could bring on asthma symptoms. Learn what you can do to create a healthy living environment for yourself and your family. Learn more about asthma at home.

Asthma in Schools

Asthma is one of the main illness-related reasons that students miss school. There are things that families and schools can do to help make sure that children with asthma stay healthy while in school. Learn more about asthma at school.

Asthma in the Workplace

Do you experience asthma symptoms at work? The workplace can trigger your asthma and sometimes cause asthma symptoms for the first time. Learn tips to manage your asthma at work. Learn more about asthma at work.

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Page last updated: October 24, 2020

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