Young Adults and Asthma

Get tips to start taking control of your asthma healthcare decisions.

Asthma is a serious chronic lung disease where the airways are always somewhat inflamed. During episodes or attacks, they become increasingly inflamed, often in response to specific triggers.

25M Asthma affects nearly 25 million Americans.
2.2M More than 2 million young adults are living with asthma.
1.7M Asthma accounts for millions of emergency visits each year.

Making Your Own Healthcare Decisions

At some point, everyone must start to make decisions about their own healthcare. Where your parent may have made the decisions in the past, anyone who moves out on their own will have to take control, which includes:

  • Scheduling your own doctor’s appointments
  • Refilling your prescriptions
  • Seeking help from the nearest healthcare provider when needed

Whether you are transitioning from pediatric asthma care or you have  been recently diagnosed with adult-onset asthma, it is important to learn and implement asthma self-management skills

The steps listed above may vary slightly depending on the type of asthma you have. If you do not know what type of asthma you have you can work with your healthcare provider to learn more about your specific asthma and create a management plan that works best for you. 

Resources and Programs

The Lung Association has a number of tools to help you manage your asthma so you can continue to live a healthy, normal life. Below are a few resources you can use to assist you in managing your asthma.

My Asthma Control Assessment

Determine your overall asthma control. Use the summary as a guide to talk with your provider about treatment options and improving control.
Take Assessment

Asthma Action Plan

Work with your healthcare provider to create or update your Asthma Action Plan. Everyone can benefit from a good plan, no matter what your age.
View action plan

Breathe Well, Live Well

Learn asthma self-management skills by participating in our adult asthma self-management education program.
Learn more

Pathway to Managing your Asthma

Understand how to better manage your asthma by downloading our The Pathway to Managing your Asthma Infographic.
View infographic

4 Steps for Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Asthma Care

Get tips and resources for young adults leaving for college.
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The Cost of Managing Asthma

Watch this free webcast to understand how finances and insurance fit into managing a chronic illness.
Watch now

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