One of the most insidious aspects of lung cancer is the suffering it causes.

Dr. Jorge Gomez has seen this firsthand, and he's determined to help alleviate it.

"I've treated thousands of patients with lung cancer, and I remember almost every single one of them," says Dr. Gomez. "I remember details about their lung cancer journeys and those things are what have helped me try to figure out how to treat patients."

When patients are diagnosed with lung cancer, it can quickly lead to feelings of despair and hopelessness. But thanks to health professionals like Dr. Gomez, that's increasingly no longer the case. There are treatments for lung cancer patients that more powerful and sophisticated. And these new treatments are improving the lives of those affected by lung cancer.

"I've treated thousands of patients with lung cancer, and I remember almost every single one of them."

Gomez: What really struck me was the suffering. Every moment of that still sticks with me. That desire to just try to find new ways to help patients pushed me to try to do something different. My name is Jorge Gomez and I'd like to help the world fight lung cancer.

"Since I started treating lung cancer there have been many changes. For the first five or six years, few new therapies were approved, but since then there have been many, many changes, not all of them drugs, some of them have been behavioral. For example, the advent of lung cancer screening."

And while prevention is incredibly important, we're also empowering our own immune systems to battle cancer.

"We also have new drugs that help the body's immune system attack lung cancer, drugs that help the body fight the cancer on its own."

Page last updated: March 11, 2020

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