Suzanne Cassel, M.D.

Suzanne Cassel, M.D.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Blocking Development of Cells Involved in Steroid-Resistant Asthma

It is becoming increasingly clear that asthma is not a single disease with one underlying cause. Treatments including inhaled or oral steroids are effective for many patients but not for all. Some people, most commonly those with severe or steroid-resistant disease, have a different type of inflammation in their airways that involves immune-system cells called Th17 cells. Better understanding of the way Th17 cells develop is important to devising new treatments to block them. We will identify the pathways by which different subsets of Th17 cells develop, which will provide insight to new ways to successfully treat these patients.

Update: In Year 1 we have published our preliminary findings showing the central role of molecules called alpha and beta in driving asthma involving Th17 cells. We are continuing to research the impact of these molecules on Th17 cells in asthma.

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