Lung Cancer Treatment

Each person's lung cancer and personal experience are unique. The more information you have, the better equipped you will be to ask questions and make decisions when it comes to your treatment plan.

Find Out All You Can About Your Type of Lung Cancer

It's important to know the makeup of your particular lung cancer. Learn the type, stage and if you have any mutations or biomarkers. This helps your doctor determine all of your treatment options.

Prepare to Make Treatment Decisions

Ideally, you should work with your doctor to make treatment decisions. Your participation is important so the doctor knows your preferences and you know what to expect.  

Lung Cancer Treatment Planning Tool

Learn more about your specific type of lung cancer and treatment options.
Use the tool

Prepare for Treatment

Supportive care, sometimes called palliative care, which is a medical specialty that helps patients manage their side effects, should be given at the start of treatment. 

Connect with Others

No person facing lung cancer should go through it alone. Luckily, we have many resources that can connect you with people who are in your shoes. Find support.

Clinical Trials

Patients enrolled in clinical trials have access to top-notch care and are closely monitored. For some patients, a clinical trial is the best treatment option they have available to them

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