Lung Cancer Healthcare Professionals

How to best help your lung cancer patient

Is Your Patient Eligible for Lung Cancer Screening?

Know the high-risk criteria and make a point to have discussions with your eligible patients.

Lung Cancer Resources for Your Patient

Healthcare professionals support their patients in many different ways. Sometimes it just means listening to your patients or finding answers to their lung cancer questions. One of the best ways healthcare professionals can support their lung cancer patients is to connect them with resources to meet their needs.

  • Lung Cancer HelpLine
    Connect your patient with one of our healthcare professionals at our Lung HelpLine available through phone or chat.
  • Lung Cancer Screening
    Find resources to help your patient understand screening and screening insurance coverage.
  • Smoking Cessation Resources
    We have a variety of smoking cessation resources and programs for patients who are ready to quit smoking.

Lung Cancer Treatment Decision-Making Worksheet

Work with your patients to understand treatment options, goals and their preferences.
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Stay Informed about Research

Stay up to date on research and the latest lung cancer information.

Lung Cancer Screening Initiatives

The American Lung Association is working to increase lung cancer screening rates in communities across the country.
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Page last updated: June 7, 2024

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