Lung Cancer Screening Insurance Checklist

Make sure that your insurance covers lung cancer screenings before you get one. Look at our insurance coverage checklist to ask all the right questions.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company about Coverage for Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening means testing for lung cancer before a person has any symptoms.For those who meet the high risk-criteria, screening is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans with no cost sharing. However, before you decide to get a lung cancer screening, it is important to know exactly what your insurance will cover. Use the questions below as a guide for your conversations with your insurance company.

On the back of your insurance card, there will be a phone number for you to call. You will likely be asked for your plan information and group ID.

  • Has my insurance company put together a website or a flyer on lung cancer screening coverage issues?
  • Do I need to go to my primary care provider/my doctor before I get screened to get a referral or determine if screening is appropriate for me?
  • What paperwork do I need to complete before, during or after that visit to ensure my screening is covered by insurance?
  • Do I need a referral or preauthorization?
    • If so, from whom?
    • Who must this referral or preauthorization be sent to?
    • Will my physician submit it or must I?
  • Is there a certain place (facility or center) I need to go to for my screening?
    • If the nearest facility is too far away from where I live, what do I do?
  • Will my insurance cover my travel expenses to the screening?
  • Are all the costs of the screening completely covered or will I be charged any out of pocket expenses?
    • Will I need to pay a facility fee?
    • Are there other out of pocket costs I will need to pay?
  • Who do I follow-up with after my screening?
  • Is my follow-up doctor's visit covered under my insurance?
    • If not, what are the expected out of pocket expenses?
  • What follow-up tests will I need if something is detected during screening and will my insurance cover those tests?
  • If my doctor recommends screening every year, will it be covered by my insurance?
  • Will my insurance cover counseling and medications that can help me quit smoking? What are my out of pocket expenses?
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