For some COPD patients, a clinical trial may be a treatment option. Clinical trials are research studies that test how well new medical approaches work in people. Each study answers scientific questions and tries to find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose or treat a disease. Taking part in clinical trials for COPD gives patients an opportunity to contribute to knowledge of and progress against the disease while also getting up-to-date care from experts.

Not everyone is eligible for a clinical trial, so you need to talk to your doctor about what’s right for you. Visit our clinical trial section to see frequently asked questions about clinical trials—such as how it works, who can participate, the risks and benefits and where to find a clinical trial.

ACRC Clinical Trials for COPD

The American Lung Association Airways Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) Network is the nation's largest not-for-profit network of clinical research centers dedicated to asthma and COPD treatment research. The ACRC conducts large clinical trials that directly impact patient care for COPD and asthma. More than 6,900 patients have participated in an ACRC clinical trial and studies are continuously in progress across the U.S. 

COPD Patient-Powered Research Network

The COPD Patient-Powered Research Network (COPD PPRN) is a registry to connect researchers and more than 75,000 patients interested in participating in COPD research. The COPD PPRN is an opportunity for individuals living with COPD to join a community of people who want to revolutionize research by sharing the impact COPD has on their lives. By joining the COPD PPRN, this registry will serve as a clinical research resource for researchers including the ACRC to further COPD research for millions.

Talk to your doctor to find out more about clinical trials for COPD and if one is right for you and visit our clinical trial section to learn more.

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Page last updated: March 27, 2023

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