COPD Health Professionals & Educators

Whether you are a healthcare professional, COPD educator or patient advocate, it is important to stay informed about COPD care, resources and support options.

In this section, you will find resources from the American Lung Association and our partners to further your educational opportunities and support your patients living with COPD.

COPD Guidelines and Treatment

COPD guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations to ensure the highest-quality COPD care. There are several approved treatments for COPD. Here you will find guidelines and resources to provide best practice care.

COPD Educator Course

The American Lung Association COPD Educator Course is a professional education course for healthcare professionals who work with COPD patients, such as respiratory therapists, internal medicine nurses, pulmonary nurses, pharmacists and care managers.
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Expand Your Knowledge

Take a training, educational course, find resources and learn more about COPD trends data.

* Indicates CEUs and CMEs may be offered upon completion of the training or course.    


Spirometry, or pulmonary function test, is the gold standard for diagnosing COPD.  This objective measure can also guide COPD management.  Here you will find tools for implementing and interpreting spirometry in your practice. Here you will find resources on how to implement and interpret spirometry for determining a patient’s level of COPD control.


Medication therapy is an important step to managing COPD. From controller, to relievers, to triple therapy, in this section you will find medication charts, medication videos and instructional handouts.

Tobacco and Vaping  

Smoke from cigarettes and vaping devices puts people with COPD at risk for exacerbations and can worsen COPD progression. Exposure secondhand smoke can also exacerbate COPD symptoms. Quitting smoking is one of the most important steps patients can take to manage COPD. Here you will find cessation resources.

Understanding and Living with COPD (Patient Resources)

Understanding ways to manage one’s COPD is crucial for improving a person’s quality of life. Here, you will find patient educational videos, worksheets, and support programs to improve a patient’s understanding of living with COPD.

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Professional Education

Education, training and certification resources for lung health professionals.

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