How to Use a Twisthaler Asthma Inhaler

First—load the dose of medicine.

Hold the Twisthaler straight up with the pink base on the bottom.

Remove the cap from the inhaler by twisting it. The dose counter will decrease by one.

Breathing in the Medicine:

Turn your head away from the Twisthaler. Gently breathe out as much air as you can.

Seal your lips around the Twisthaler mouthpiece, and hold the inhaler in a horizontal position.

Breathe in deep and steady through your mouth.

Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds—or for as long as you comfortably can with your mouth closed. Then resume normal breathing.

After you have finished taking a treatment, place the cover on the Twisthaler and twist it to close. When you hear a click, you will know it is completely closed.

Rinse your mouth with water and spit it out.

Watch this American Lung Association video to learn the correct way to use your Twisthaler® asthma inhaler.

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Page last updated: September 7, 2022

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