Protecting Your Health from Extreme Heat: “The serious heat waves we are experiencing are not just uncomfortable – they are part of a trend that has critical implications for our health. Learn more from our recent blog and read our tips to help protect your health from dangerous summer heat waves.

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Mayors United to Join Lung Association in Taming Extreme City Heat: As cities continue to grapple with record heat, mayors across the country have joined with the Smart Surfaces Coalition (SSC) a multiyear project to cool cities and metropolitan areas with Smart Surfaces: a cost-effective integrated solution including reflective (cool) roofs and pavements, green roofs, solar energy, porous pavements, rain gardens and trees. Smart Surfaces can cool cities by 5°F, deliver large reductions in flooding and resulting mold, and provide $10 in benefits and cost savings for every $1 spent. The mayors of Atlanta, Boston, Columbia, SC, Dallas, and New Orleans have signed up for the Cities for Smart Surfaces program, joining the city of Baltimore, recognizing that Smart Surfaces rapidly deliver climate change mitigation and adaptation. Learn more.

Prepare Your Child with Asthma to Go Back to School: Our 2023-2024 Back to School with Asthma campaign  focuses on steps parents can take to ensure that their child will be safe and healthy while at school including staying up-to-date on vaccinations and ensuring immediate access to asthma medication. We even have tips for college-bound young adults as they transition to self-managing their asthma. Lastly, we have important messages for schools on how to create asthma-friendly environments by addressing indoor air quality and establishing a stock asthma program. A new online learning course has recently launched for designated school personnel on how to implement a stock asthma medication program. 

Tools include:

Visit the Asthma Management in Schools page to learn more.

New on Lungcast™: On our most recent Lungcast™ episode, Dr. Julia Moore Vogel at Scripps Research takes center stage to confer the still-emerging and always-evolving space of long COVID. As patient numbers continue to rise at an alarming rate, she makes a strong case about the critical need to better define the disease, mitigate its impact and, ultimately, break the taboo. Video highlights from this episode—and more—can be found on the YouTube channel:

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Help Support Public Health and Research: Thank you for your hard work last month to block the House spending bill that sought to cut billions of dollars from critical medical research and public health. Thanks to your action, the House postponed release of the bill and we have more time to keep up the pressure. Now we want to make sure the Senate does the right thing. Join us in protecting the future of advancements in lung health research by asking your Senator to invest in funding for the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies funding bill. Ask Your Senator to Invest in Public Health and Research.


Sign Up Now for Fall Events! Fall Walks and Treks are just around the corner and offer you a great way to get out and show your love for healthy lungs! Get involved!

Make a Difference with a Vehicle Donation: Did you know that you can donate a vehicle to the Lung Association? Your donation will provide funding for important research, education and advocacy that can help save lives. Learn more about our Vehicle Donation Program. Donating is easy with free pick-up and support – in fact, each vehicle donation is tax deductible! 


World Lung Cancer Day: On August 1 in recognition of World Lung Cancer Day, we encouraged those impacted by lung cancer to raise awareness about lung cancer and dispel the stigma often associated with the disease. The World Lung Cancer Day page featured an inspirational video from LUNG FORCE Hero Christy F. Help us make World Lung Cancer Day every day!  Join the 1 million Americans who have taken the Saved By The Scan lung cancer screening eligibility quiz, and learn more a about our Heroes by visiting

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Our Comprehensive Approach to Ending the Youth Vaping Epidemic Model: The Lung Association works to create a tobacco-free future for all. National strategies to meet this goal require a multi-component comprehensive public health approach to addressing the youth vaping epidemic through programmatic components inclusive of youth activism, education, policy change, prevention, intervention and cessation. The American Lung Association’s Comprehensive Approach to Ending the Youth Vaping Epidemic Model provides a roadmap for school administration in creating a tobacco-free future for our next generations through these steps and more:

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  • Promoting youth activism through a student empowerment program.
  • Educating all school personnel in strategies for conducting a brief intervention among students who use tobacco.
  • Implementing an evidence-based tobacco prevention education program for grades 5-12.
  • Offering an intervention alternative to suspension program for teens who use tobacco products and violate tobacco-free campus policies.

Download a detailed copy of our Comprehensive Approach to Ending the Youth Vaping Epidemic Model.

CALL TO ACTION: We invite all school administrations to become partners in implementing this comprehensive multi-tiered public health approach to addressing the e-cigarette epidemic among our youth throughout the school district and target communities you serve. Together we can make a difference. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].


Steps for Starting a Hospice Conversation with Your Healthcare Provider (funded and cannot be edited)In this new video, Dr. Jons shares how to start a conversation with your healthcare provider about palliative and hospice care. Many people do not understand the difference between palliative and hospice care and are uncertain how to have a conversation with their healthcare provider about these options. We encourage you to learn more about starting these difficult conversations at


New Video Supporting Advanced Clean Trucks Policy: The Lung Association recently launched new digital ads calling on states to adopt the Advanced Clean Trucks policy, which will get more zero-emission trucks on the road. This policy will help address the major health, equity and climate impacts caused by air pollution from the trucking sector. We’re running our ads online in five key states. To watch the ad and take action to support the transition to zero-emission trucks, please visit


Keeping Your Pets Safe from Nicotine Poisoning: Though you may not realize it, your pet is more vulnerable to the effects of nicotine than you are. Learn how to protect their health in our latest blog

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