Quitting is different for each smoker and everyone experiences its challenges differently. Here's how you can help someone on their journey and show that you care.

Tips for Helping a Smoker Quit

  • Ask your friend or family member what they think they need to most
  • Ask them what the best thing you could do for them
  • Tell your friend that you know he or she can quit smoking for good, even if he or she has tried to quit before.
  • For the first few days after the smoker quits, be ready to help. He or she may just want to talk, or your friend may want extra help when a tough situation arises, such as a party, or a crisis at home or work.
  • Offer to call or visit to check on them. Ask how your friend is feeling, not just whether or not they are still off cigarettes.
  • No nagging, scolding or preaching—that just doesn't work. Instead, let your friend know how much you admire them for trying to quit.
  • Give lots of compliments and offer rewards for getting through a day, a week or a month without smoking. Rewards can be simple—flowers, a lunch treat, or even doing a chore for your friend around the house or office.
  • Support your friend in establishing rewards for short-term and long-term milestones reached. Offer to make their favorite meal or pick up doing their chores while they relax.
  • Do things together; go to a movie or take a walk. Stay away from places where other people may be smoking.

Page last updated: May 31, 2023

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