Back to School with Asthma Checklist

Keep Lungs Healthy for the 2023-2024 school year with these 10 tips.

  1. Learn more about asthma by participating in a free online program, Asthma Basics and watch this short video about how the lungs works. 

  2. Schedule a visit with your child’s healthcare provider before the school year begins to complete all the necessary forms for school and make sure your child is up-to-date on vaccines that prevent respiratory infections, such as COVID-19, influenza (flu), pneumonia and pertussis (whooping cough). 

  3. Review your child’s Asthma Action Plan with their healthcare provider. Don’t have an Asthma Action Plan? Develop one with your child's doctor and make sure you and your child know what to do when symptoms start.

  4. Talk to your school nurse and your child's teacher about your child's asthma and review their Asthma Action Plan with them.

  5. Make sure that the school knows of your child’s asthma diagnosis and fill out any required forms to ensure quick access to your child’s life-saving medicine.

  6. Mark all asthma medicines that you plan to send to school with your child's name and complete instructions on how the medicine should be used.

  7. Learn your school's asthma policies and asthma emergency procedures.

“Is my child allowed to self-carry their quick-relief inhaler?”

“Does the school have a stock of quick-relief inhalers (e.g., albuterol) for my child to use if there is an emergency?”

“If my child experiences asthma symptoms and needs treatment during the school day, what actions does the school take?” 

  1. Are you about to leave home for college? Prepare to manage your asthma while at school with these tips on taking control of your asthma and making healthcare decisions.

  2. As a new college student, you will find that dorm rooms are perfect places for asthma triggers to hide. Educate your friends and roommates on your asthma and what your triggers are to help you avoid them.

  3. Talk to your child about the dangers of smoking and vaping. Use The Vape Talk to start the conversation. 

Page last updated: July 26, 2023

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