Mike Foley

Mike Foley

Mike Foley is a member of the American Lung Association’s COPD Patient Advisory Group.

Mike first learned he had COPD back in 2015. Upon hearing his diagnosis, he was relieved to learn that it was in fact COPD not lung cancer. His initial symptoms were shortness of breath during physical activity and pain on the left side of the chest.

After smoking for about 35 years, Mike decided to quit the day he was diagnosed. The doctors and staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital at Washington University Medical Center gave him the necessary medication and information to manage and reduce the severity of his COPD symptoms.

He didn’t really expect anything to change is his life after his diagnosis, including his daily activities. However, over the course of six months, Mike realized how out of breath he felt. Now he takes his time and paces himself for tasks that involve physical activity.

Mike was first put in touch with the American Lung Association when a physician at Washington University asked if he would be willing to participate in a study to see if a drug that was on the market would help slow the progression of COPD. He happily obliged.

Today, Mike feels blessed and privileged to serve on the Lung Association’s COPD Patient Advisory Group. He hopes he can give back to the group, which is made up of patient advocates, doctors and staff.

Mike is the owner of a janitorial and industrial cleaning company. He is married with two children and one granddaughter. His hobbies include coin collecting and watching his wife, Pam, try to guess the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune.

He is honored to be able to help others who may need assistance from time to time and knows that everyone needs help at least once in their lifetime.

Page last updated: February 8, 2023

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