National Asthma Public Policy Agenda

The American Lung Association worked with a number of asthma experts and organizations to identify policy changes that could really make a difference in the fight against asthma. Released in 2009, the National Asthma Public Policy Agenda includes recommended strategies in these six key areas that are still relevant today:

Download the complete National Asthma Public Policy Agenda.

Guide to Asthma Policy for Housing

To support your local efforts, the Lung Association created the Guide to Asthma Policy for Housing to provide tools and resources for many of the strategies listed above.

Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative

Since 2005, the Lung Association has been working with schools to create asthma-friendly schools. The Asthma-Friendly Schools Initiative provides guidance to schools and school districts on effective policies and practices to improve the health and well-being of students with asthma.

Joint Statement on Improving Asthma Management in Schools

On October 16, 2012, the Lung Association convened a collaborative meeting with national school partners in support of asthma-friendly schools. As an outcome of that meeting, a joint statement was developed outlining priority strategies and best practices agreed upon by these health and school-based organizations.

Guide to Safe & Healthy Workplaces

 In 2013, the Lung Association designed a resource to guide employers and worksite wellness providers to create a healthy working environment. It includes five strategies to help employers establish lung-friendly workplace and protect lung health. Each section includes information about the strategy, recommended components to meet the strategy and downloadable tools to support your efforts.

Page last updated: April 8, 2020

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