Have You Considered a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial might be the best treatment option for you. You are most eligible for clinical trials before your treatment begins, so it’s important to talk about this right away. Clinical trials are carefully monitored research studies. They test how well new medical approaches work in people. When you enter a lung cancer clinical trial, you either receive the best-known standard of care or the new treatment being studied. Your safety is a top priority and you can choose to leave the trial at any time. If you are not reacting well to the drug(s) given in the trial, you may be taken out of the trial.

Every lung cancer drug that is available today once started in a clinical trial. When you join a clinical trial, not only are you helping to advance science, but you are getting top-notch care and you may receive an emerging treatment that isn’t yet available. Consider clinical trials when you discuss treatment options with your doctor. If it is not brought up by your doctor, don’t be hesitant to ask if a clinical trial is right for you. Your doctor should work with you to explain the clinical trials available and whether or not you are a candidate for them.

Page last updated: January 25, 2021

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