Rohan Arora

Rohan Arora

Rohan Arora is a climate activist focused on environmental health and climate justice. He is the executive director and founder of The Community Check-Up, a national environmental health organization that makes environmental health resources more accessible and empowers youth to become environmental health warriors in their local communities.

He also serves on the executive team for the internationally-acclaimed nonprofit Climate Cardinals as the Director of Research Development. As an executive board member of Climate Cardinals, he oversees the research, education, language, and public relations divisions within the organization and leads a team of over 5,500 volunteers to make the climate movement more accessible to non-English speakers and other minority groups.

Arora has also engaged with the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth and has served as a delegate for UNEP’s strategy discussions. In addition to this, he is a writer and public speaker and has been invited to contribute to major outlets such as The Hill.

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