Stand Up For Clean Air

You can help protect our nation’s air quality. From reducing emissions to advocating for change, small actions can make a big, collective difference.

Why Clean Air Is Important

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, and to celebrate, we're introducing the Stand Up For Clean Air initiative.

The air pollution we breathe can harm anyone's health, and climate change is making air quality worse.

That's why we're asking you to Stand Up For Clean Air.

Together, through collective action, we can all help improve air quality and address climate change.

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Ways you can stand up for clean air

1. Take the Pledge

Pledge to address climate change and protect air quality and we'll keep you up to date on opportunities to take action.
 Take the Pledge 

2. #MyCleanAirStory

We all have a reason why we want and need clean air. Share why clean air matters to you.
 Share Your Story 

3. Activist Toolkit

Begin conversations or host a virtual film screening in your network, classroom or community with the Healthy Air Activist Toolkit.

Stand Up For Clean Air

To address the public health crisis of climate change, we need strong health protections, systemic change, and cultural shifts in how we use energy. Everyone has a role to play in addressing climate change and ensuring clean air. Small, everyday actions to reduce your carbon footprint and spread the word add up.


of Americans are living with unhealthy air

Take the Pledge

Here are some more ways you can Stand Up For Clean Air:


Choose clean, renewable electricity and reduce your energy consumption


Take action to reduce air pollution - drive less, choose an electric vehicle, bike, and when it’s safe to do so - use public transit


Call on EPA to set more protective air pollution standards


Ensure cleaner air in your community and home by not burning wood or trash

About Stand Up For Clean Air

The Lung Association's new Stand Up For Clean Air initiative is shining a spotlight on the steps everyone can take to improve air quality and address climate change. We're Celebrating the successes of the Clean Air Act at 50 years and setting our sights on ensuring healthy air for all to breathe.

Clean Air and Your Health

The Lung Association has a wealth of resources for you to learn more about the links between air quality, climate change and your health.

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