When people realize climate change is not just a future threat but impacts our health today, they listen and are ready to act. Are you ready to help spread the word?

Whether you're a seasoned activist or interested in seeing the positive change in your community, the American Lung Association has trusted and science-based tools to help you begin conversations and make a difference.

Join our Stand Up For Clean Air movement and help us build conversations around health, climate change, air quality and environmental justice.

Engage on Social

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most powerful tools at your fingertips is connecting with your network and community on social media. Your voice on social media can spark action and collective change. 

The complex connections between climate change, air quality and health are easily explained with our fact-based social media images, GIFs and videos which you can view and/or download below:

Host a Film Screening

The magic of film brings to life the stories of people impacted by climate change and air pollution. Through Stand Up For Clean Air, you can request access to the short films listed below featuring these challenges. 

Host a virtual or safely distanced in-person film screening in your community, classroom or social network with any of the films below followed by a conversation with our discussion guide.

Film screening for clean air activisits

Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air

Length: 30 minutes

A timely, powerful look at 50 years of the Clean Air Act and the challenges we still face to ensure healthy air for everyone. Weaving historical milestones with current day stories of environmental injustice, the film is an excellent catalyst for engagement and action. Download the discussion guide.

The Human Element – Air section

Length: 14 minutes

An Earth Vision film production in association with Earth Vision Institute, this documentary inspires us to reevaluate our relationship with the natural world. Download the discussion guide.

Asthma Alley

Length: 10 minutes

From The Groundtruth Project and Directors Dan Levitt and Beth Murphy, this film follows the experience of a young Latina girl living in New York’s South Bronx who finds hope in music when poor air quality and worsening pollen seasons make it hard for her to breathe. Download the discussion guide.

Request a Short Film for Virtual or In-Person Film Screening

Tips for hosting your screening:

Hosting a virtual film screening is easy and generally takes little time to prepare and hold the event. Consider hosting a Zoom viewing party to watch and discuss the films. Virtual Zoom Viewing Party Instructions.

No matter the duration of the film(s), ensure you plan an extra:

  • 15 minutes before the event to test your technical setup (audio, visual, etc.)
  • 5-10 minutes to welcome your guests
  • 30-45 minutes for Q&A following the film 
  • Download the discussion guides listed above for your unique film. You can adjust the discussion guide as desired for the tone and audience.
  • If you’re hosting the virtual screening for a larger group or more formal setting (such as for a class or large community event), you may consider inviting guest speakers such as:
    • Climate, healthy air, or environmental justice activists
    • Storyteller such as someone who has experienced firsthand health impacts of climate change, whether experiencing asthma attacks on bad air quality days or surviving wildfire smoke exposure
    • Healthcare providers who can address health impacts of air pollution and climate change
    • Professor or researcher from a university’s department of public health or department of environmental health
  • Keep the momentum going after the event by offering “next steps” for your audience:
    • Ask them to sign the pledge to Stand Up For Clean Air at Lung.org/air and the American Lung Association will send them tips on easy steps they can take to make a difference, as well as important moments to contact their representatives.
    • Encourage them to host their own viewing party with their network by accessing the Healthy Air Activist Toolkit at Lung.org/activist-toolkit
    • Ask them to sign the petition to protect air quality
  • Share your experiences on social media with photos/screengrabs from the event or quotes from attendees. Tag the @LungAssociation and encourage people to learn how they can Stand Up For Clean Air at Lung.org/air.
    1. Example posts:
      • Today I hosted a virtual screening of (film) followed by a discussion about the health impacts of climate change.  
      • I hosted a great conversation with (tag participants) about the health impacts of climate change and air pollution after a film screening of (film). Learn more about how you can host a film screening through the @LungAssociation and take action on climate change at Lung.org/air

Special thanks to our Climate Activist Advisors who guided the development of content for Stand Up For Clean Air, including the Healthy Air Activist Toolkit.

Page last updated: August 16, 2023

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