Robert Kaner, MD

Robert Kaner, MD

Principal Investigator

New York Consortium: Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Kaner is the Co-Investigator at the Weill Cornell Medical (WCMC) site. His role includes oversight of patient recruitment, study visits, data entry, IRB correspondence, patient safety and data quality/integrity for all ACRC COPD and asthma trials at the Weill Cornell Medical site.  He has been involved in investigative pursuits in pulmonary and critical care research throughout his career and has  extensive experience in the phenotyping of subjects with lung disease and their enrollment in research studies including the LEEP and BLOCK-COPD studies and the upcoming Lung Health Cohort  Study.  In a separate NHLBI-funded pilot study, he performed research bronchoscopies on subjects with a) HIV and b) COPD and/or emphysema before and after 12 weeks of doxycycline or placebo (as a proof of concept study for BAL matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibition.

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