Ivor S. Douglas, MD, FRCP

Prof. of Medicine, Chief of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Denver Health Medical Center

Dr. Douglas is a pulmonary/critical care physician and funded investigator focusing on basic and translational mechanistic studies in sepsis, lung injury and respiratory failure with a focus on translational mechanistic studies of recover from critical illness, acute lung diseases, particularly ARDS, sepsis and COPD. Dr. Douglas directly supervises and directs a large critical care research program at an academic community medical center which is consistently a high enrolling site for clinical and translational research in pulmonary disease and critical illness. Dr. Douglas was a founding member of the Provent Collaborative (presently funded as an R-01, The PROFOCCI study) and was member of the ARDS Network steering committee since 2002. He is co-investigator for the PETAL ARDS Network and is national co-PI for the ongoing CLOVERS RCT evaluating fluids and pressor resuscitation in shock. His funded research focuses on clinical, basic and translational mechanistic studies in sepsis and lung injury repair with a focus on host immunity, epithelial and endothelial dysfunction. He is PI for two ongoing multicenter clinical trials and has served on the steering committee for several multi-center clinical. He has established collaborations with investigators in N. America, Europe and Asia.

Ivor S. Douglas, MD, FRCP
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