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Yvette E., TX

My sister and I grew up in Owensboro, KY—tobacco central. Our dad and his immediate family all died from lung cancer due to smoking and working in tobacco plants. My sister also had asthma as a baby and growing up. For a long time, she had no complications until she moved to the Houston area near its industrial hub.

When my sister was pregnant with her first child, she began having asthma attacks again. All three of her children have suffered from asthma. She had to carry a breathing treatment machine everywhere she went! I don't even know how many times she and her three children have had to go to the ER in fear for their lives!

It's all because of the polluted air! It's so sad to watch a child not even be able to formulate words when trying to breathe! Fortunately, my sister was a stay at home mom for most of her children's younger years, but it was very long and tedious.

My own son suffered from Reactive Airway Disease, which is like asthma. Sadly, he too was subjected to secondhand smoke from family members, against my wishes, beginning at an early age. My son also had pneumonia and asthma-like attacks for most of his younger years and now even as an adult suffers from serious lung ailments from annual bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia to wheezing and even a case of pertussis.

Everyone deserves to breathe clean air!

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