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Wendell A., MN

I have to literally fight to breathe every day. I am a severe asthmatic that is steroid dependent. When there is anything in the air outside, I am greatly affected by it--pollen, smoke, exhaust, pollution, etc.

It flares my asthma up and causes bad attacks. I was once a walker, biker, hiker, swimmer, and played tennis but am not able to do those things any longer. I am trying to get SSDI/SSI since I was fired from my last job for missing too many days even after FMLA. It's a daily battle to plan my day around the temps, humidity, and air quality index. Some days I am not even able to leave my house. It's that bad. The air has to somehow get cleaner than it is now to enjoy my quality of life even somewhat.

, | Jun 24, 2021