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Tracey M., PA

With two sons suffering from asthma, I take every precaution to protect them from the debilitating effects of this condition. For the most part, they can participate in a variety of sports as long as they pre-treat with an inhaler prior to outdoor events. Yet, there is little that I can do to when the air quality index reaches dangerous levels.

We recently moved to rural Pennsylvania, because we thought it would help us manage our children's health. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that there were 'tons' of manufacturing facilities nearby. Depending on the wind, the local paper mill even generates a 'smell' that can infiltrate our home.

You would think that living in a rural setting would be better for the health of your children, but in this case, it has not been the case. If our little town becomes any more polluted, I do not know where else we would go. We are running out of options.

I know that some in Congress want to weaken the Clean Air Act, and the EPA's authority to oversee polluting industries. Cuts like these would have a direct impact on my family's health.

First Published: May 6, 2013

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