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Tony M., MA

I live along the MBTA commuter rail corridor. When I take the Orange Line subway to work at either Stony Brook or Jackson Station, there is a significant toxic smell and taste of lead in the air. I feel slightly ill when I come into contact with this smell. Out of all the stations, Jackson and Ruggles are the worst for me. When waiting on the platform for the subway to arrive, the fumes wait with you. My head often throbs.

Two days ago, I got off the subway at Jackson Station, the doors opened and I was met with you guessed it--more toxic fumes! Then as I headed outside to cross the street, the fumes seemed to intensify. I immediately covered my nose and mouth to escape the toxic air.

The MBTA has not given me a clear answer as to whether or not their commuter trains do or do not release any harmful or even life-threatening fumes into the air passengers breathe. Their last response to me was that they will look into it.

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