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Tom S., ME

In 2003, my wife died from interstitial lung disease caused by a process initiated by air pollutants. It was a horrible way to die— you slowly lose lung function and in the end die of suffocation.

Please, please keep up the fight to not let greedy industries spew their waste into the air. While industry leaders and some in Congress defend— no, promote the use of air space as a place to dump waste— it is something we must stop.

We now know enough about our air space and the way pollutants destroy our lakes and streams to understand that these pollutants are taken in by all breathing creatures and cause an array of changes that kill and destroy lives.

Thank you for your effort. My hope is that it becomes an even greater focus for all of us. There was no need for my wife to suffer except for the greed to use of our air as a "low cost" dumping station.

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