Ruth B : AZ

I was born in 1945 with severe asthma. I am 73-years-old now. We now have more hazardous days for asthmatics and people with bronchitis. I have never smoked.

I spend $5,000 on Medicare Part D yearly mostly for asthma and bronchitis. I take a biologic drug at a clinic every two weeks to maintain my quality of life and keep breathing.

I have air conditioning throughout my home and just bought a new air filter and have to wear masks to help with my teaching job.

My asthma is genetic. My grandfather died of asthma and pneumonia at 37-years-old. One of my children had bad asthma until he was 18-years-old and so did his first born child. I feel fortunate to be alive. The treatments for my son and grandchild have greatly improved. We need to stop the changes being made to the Clean Air Act by the current administration! 

First Published: 4/25/2019 9:10:00 PM

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