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R D., PA

I have advocated for a clean and safe environment since I was old enough to do anything about it. I have always tried to live a healthy life and do all I could to keep our planet healthy. I am sixty-seven now and am dying from a blood cancer, and I am convinced from extensive research on my cancer that I contracted it simply by living and breathing in a toxic environment that for the most part is impossible to avoid.

My so-called government has done almost nothing to promote a clean and safe environment and in fact has done more to allow corporations and government agencies to create the toxic stew most of us are forced to live in.

I feel sorry for young people, because it is only going to get worse, Our government is not going to do anything about it accept make it worse. The fight is over. and we all lost. Why should we have ever had to fight for the right to breathe clean air in the first place?

To all those so-called corporate and government leaders I have one question: What do you and your children and grand children plan on breathing for the rest of your lives? I believe you have to breathe the same air I and everyone else has to.

First Published: May 4, 2015

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