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Natasha K., PA

I am a mom. I want the best for my kids. We eat organic, grow our own garden and drink purified water, but there's something that I have minimal control over, the air we breathe. Thanks to your site my worst fears have been confirmed, our area is awful. Our ozone is an F; our 24-hour is a D; and our annual is a Fail.

I found this tool because we've been thinking of relocating (a major new start kind of relocation) and want to base our decision on a multitude of factors including pollution levels. Thank you for giving me a great resource for that! In the meantime, I'll have to hope that my collection of houseplants and air purifier are helping.

*We also do all we can by only using eco friendly products, recycling, composting, etc. It's important to do our part to clean up our earth.

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