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monica m., UT

I have lived in Utah since I was young and have moved to many places. Utah has the worst air quality by far, and Salt Lake City especially needs to clean up the air we breathe and force big industries to comply by lowering toxins being pumped out of their smokestacks.

It's sad to think that I will move away from family just so I can breathe clean air to feel happier. I love the outdoors but have had asthma since age 4. Even when I go for a walk down the street I just end up breathing in car exhaust! When I go to run in the park, the bad, smelly air contaminates my lungs and my throat begins to hurt.

This is supposed to be a beautiful world, and it sickens my mind to know that even for all of the people who try so hard to make a difference for clean air here in Salt Lake City, we have not been able to get the big, nasty industries to stop polluting our air and our lungs.

I care so deeply about breathing in clean air and being healthy. It's about time that every company should be forced to care or they should have to pay for making people breathe toxins, heavy metals and so forth on a daily basis.

My life will feel more beautiful when I can breathe clean air, go running and not have my hair stink like chemicals after being outside. I guess when you care and eat healthy too, your senses are more alert than others. Help Utah People Breathe! Say YES to a healthy life with clean air!

First Published: July 26, 2013

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