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Melissa T., PA

So many words come to mind when I describe the man I had the privilege to call my grandfather: devoted and loving; veteran; and COPD.

For my grandfather's generation, lung disease was far too common of a reality for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, his age and his limited respiratory functions made him extremely vulnerable to the effects of breathing ozone pollution. It is a simple fact, poor air quality affected his ability to enjoy family outings, a walk to the mailbox, and ride in a car to attend his doctor's appointments.

At the age of 82, my grandfather lost his battle to COPD in November 2013. We want to do our part to honor our loved ones and help to create an environment where we all can live longer, breather easier, and laugh more.

Air pollution doesn't just affect senior citizens; it is harmful to children with asthma, anyone young or old with lung disease. The time is now to support the efforts by the EPA to help decrease the serious health threats from carbon pollution.

First Published: August 15, 2014

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