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Maria P., NY

Clean air means: Health! It will give me great joy to know that my family, community and city can enjoy the outdoors without worries today and the years to come.

It was a sad time when my two daughters couldn't do many of the activities they liked when they were small, because they coughed most of the time. They were treated with asthma medications. Yet, the best cure for them was to keep them active. They played during rainy days, snowy days, sunny days, and they also played tennis. The parks became our best friends.

The best advice their doctor gave me and my husband was to keep them busy. My older daughter is now 14 and very strong. She rarely misses any of her school days. For my younger daughter who is 10, the winter season is difficult at times. She coughs and gets nasal congestion. She has decreased her school sick days, and by the way, she gets very upset if she can't go to school.

We don't have to resort to any asthma medications anymore and at all. No more severe and uncontrollable coughs. It is necessary and great to breathe clean air! Thanks.

First Published: April 25, 2012

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