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Madalyn M., DC

Every summer I have a body breakdown from air pollution. My eyes get very swollen; I have horrible fatigue; and I feel sick most of the time. I have finally decided I will have to leave the area in the summers because of this.

This past summer I thought I was developing a respiratory condition and traveled to upstate New York. Within 24 hours, all my symptoms had dissipated, and I felt normal again.

Recently, I found out that there is a medical condition called methylation. This is a process where the body is not able to eliminate toxins, including heavy metals from the body. The body becomes like a garbage dump. People who have healthy methylation pathways are able to eliminate faster what comes in to the body. I am not a good methylator. Therefore, when there is heavy ozone pollution in Washington, D.C., my physical body is not able to handle the toxins.

It is shameful that our leaders have not passed more aggressive laws to help clean up the environment, including the old coal fired nuclear power plants.

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