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Jennifer W., NY

I live in Albany, NY and have allergy induced COPD. I have two inhalers, live on antihistamines, and have chemical sensitivities as well. I am constantly rolling my car windows up and down, even in zero degree weather, just to cope with traffic fumes while driving.

My allergy troubles started at age 28 and have progressed since then. I now have asthma and an inexplicable "dark shadow" behind my left lung in the membrane between my lung and chest wall, which has thus far proven to be benign, but it has been the source of shock and surprise by more than one physician.

It took years to figure out that janitorial cleaning chemicals used in my workplace were severely impacting my health. That is when I begged my employer to allow me to telecommute, which took a couple of years to approve. Once I began to telecommute, I got a little better.

Clean air is needed indoors and out. I sign all of your petitions, because I know exactly how you feel. I experience the same suffering and also have child with allergies too, and that is a real concern.

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