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Janie M., IN

My husband is a disabled veteran. He was exposed to burn pits while in Afghanistan, as well as being run over by a 4-ton truck. He is only 30-years-old, but is in such poor health that the Air Force medically retired him.

I fight for clean air because sitting behind any vehicle in traffic, gives my husband a hard time. I fight for clean air, because just walking past a smoker sends my husband into an asthma attack. I fight for clean air, because I want my husband to walk our daughter down the isle when she gets married. She just turned one.

Is it too much to ask for clean air, because I fear my husband won't live long enough to see our grandchildren? He fought for his country and didn't pay the ultimate sacrifice, but he gave his life for it in another way.

First Published: May 6, 2015

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