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Glenna S., UT

It is the beginning of a new year, and yet here in Utah we are also facing a fourth day of RED AIR. No one seems that concerned, which is alarming. My healthy otherwise grandson was recently wheezing. A visit to the doctor revealed lung damage from bad air. He now has to take medication for asthma.

Recent studies have also shown that bad air can cause dementia in older adults. Now as another RED AIR day is in the forecast, the air quality standards for big business remains untouched, left to the mercy of an unconscionable set of profit seekers who will plunder public health in order to line their pockets with money.

Kennecott Copper alone puts 9 tons of lead into our Utah air every year. Lead has been shown to cause horrendous health problems and death. It is time for Utah to join the ranks of those who put the health of the public before the profit of business owners. Measures can be taken and business can continue but not in the current irresponsible way.

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