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gael t., MI

Hi, I'm a 64-year-old woman with health issues. One of my problems is breathing. I have Hypersensitive Pneumonitis that was caused by my sensitivity to pet birds I kept. I am now aware of how important clean air is to breathe. I stay inside as much as possible on bad air quality days.

With supplemental oxygen, medication and along with several hospital stays, I am able to walk much further than I could before. However, I had to quit work and now receive disability pay.

I saw a map that showed soot or coal pollution here in Michigan, so I want to help. I was also sorry to read about the young who died from an asthma attack. There was an elementary school aged boy in our small town that passed away from asthma several years ago. It is just so sad to lose such a young child. I hope their parents are doing alright. I know from experience the pain of losing a child.

First Published: September 6, 2012

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